Reaching children and families across Cumberland County through music and movement, Kerri brings the joy of music to your child in classes through the Snyder Music Academy and in Cumberland County Schools through the Partnership for Children of Cumberland County. As an ABC Music and Me Account Manager, Kerri is helping to bring music back to learning in school classrooms across North Carolina.

Kindermusik is a music and movement program where we play, listen, and dance to music that will impact you and your child in profound ways.  That's because every song, story and two-step has a carefully chosen purpose in this creative curriculum - one that's designed to stimulate and strengthen the vital neural wiring taking place in your child's mind, right now. 

Utilizing the latest research with proven methods, our child-centered curricula incorporate ongoing, in-classroom studies with our own, 30-years' experience in music and child development.  Plus, we've combined the best music learning methods found in Orff, Kodaly, and Suzuki.

Kindermusik helps your child:

  • Develop early literacy and language skills
  • Acquire reasoning and early math skills
  • Increase self-control
  • Cultivate a lifelong love of music

Kindermusik gives children the opportunity to develop social skills and build relationships with other children their own age while enjoying music.

Current research has proven that tapping a steady beat, balancing, and patterning will help children later on in math, reading, problem solving, and concentration.

Music of all kinds is good for the soul of children everywhere.

We move around a lot!  Moving develops body awareness, coordination, and spatial relationships through synchronized and creative movement, and simple dances.

Kindermusik introduces your child to rhythms, instruments, singing, dance, and a wide variety of musical styles.

Language skills are developed and honed through exposure to literature (an important component of the curriculum).  Children also explore vocal sounds and singing, which foster the development of your child’s first and most important instrument – the voice!